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Sewing trendy clothes for men is now possible! Contemporary cuts that you can adapt to your creative desires.
With BG, no more austerity!

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A selection of patterns to go out every day in style, whatever the season.

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Feeling good in your slippers and your body, that’s also what lingerie is all about!

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Personalise your clothes with our “BG Style” goodies.

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Olivier and David, two sewing enthusiasts, invite you to discover the patterns they create to dress the modern man.

From the moment they met during the filming of the programme “Cousu Main” they discussed their difficulty in finding sewing patterns for men. To sew contemporary clothes, they often had to design them themselves. A few months later, they came up with the idea of collaborating to create the first brand of sewing patterns for today’s men.

Sewers and seamstresses, Olivier and David are happy to present you the BG Patterns collection, which will surely make your men Beaux Gosses!

Sewing trendy clothes for men is now possible! Contemporary cuts that you can adapt to your creative desires.

With BG, no more austerity !

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